Where We Came From. Where We’re Going.

Elizabeth Trimble founded Trimble Marketing & Communications in 2001. After more than a decade of marketing for high-tech companies, she noticed something: too many tech companies saw marketing as this elusive thing. Throw money at a slogan or trendy new tactic, the thinking went, and keep your fingers crossed. They needed someone who could take the mystery out of marketing.

Building a marketing startup

Since her early studies in engineering, Elizabeth had always worked in tech. In the 90s, as an award-winning journalist at the Telegram & Gazette, she manageed the paper’s first website and transformed it into a regional portal. From programming and product launches to managing sales and development teams, the new media venture laid a strong foundation for what was to come.

In 2001, she began consulting for multi-million dollar technology firms. As an integral part of their marketing teams, she improved lead generation, filled pipelines, lowered costs and revived stagnant product lines. Her clients thrived because of smart strategies and concrete outcomes, not marketing fluff.

But she had a soft spot for startups, because she’d had that entrepreneur bug herself. (Two successful corporations started on the side: a construction firm and a software company.) There was a real opportunity to help struggling tech startups make sense of their marketing.

Startups, especially, need problem solvers – real collaborators who dig deep to get to the nitty gritty, not just pay lip service to partnerships. Someone who can find out what motivates their buyers and what resonates with them, then adapt it to the right mediums. Someone who never pushes them to spend loads of money on cool gimmicks that don’t get results. Trimble Marketing & Communications answered the call.

The road ahead

Trimble Marketing & Communications grew steadily through positive word of mouth, and the Trimble team grew, too. We’re still growing, but carefully. We want to stay agile and never lose our sense of service – helping companies where we can make a measurable impact. The more we can focus on our clients, the more satisfying our work is. And the more successful those clients become.