Execution: Reach the Right People

When their systems administrator is weighing his options, are you in his inbox? Does their director of operations know your white paper exists?

You have to get in front of the right eyes at the right times, and court prospects until they’re ready to commit. That means knowing which channels work, how they work best and how they all work together. Then breaking out your message to click with different roles.

Start with a targeted campaign

Your strategy is supported by campaigns designed to reach key decision makers, influencers and evangelists. The movers and shakers.

We find out where they are and how they like to be reached. Next, we match the right content to your objectives, whether that’s branding, customer loyalty or generating a steady flow of qualified leads. Then we choose a communications mix that gets it done – landing pages, emails, LinkedIn, advertising – you name it. All integrated to reach the same goal.

Offline, we sell you as much as your product. Our public relations campaigns position you as a thought leader through speeches, presentations, interviews and events. Aimed, of course, at the people who matter – and care.

Track it to learn what works

You can’t just wind up a campaign and let it go. Trust us, it won’t get very far. So we help you identify and measure the metrics that demonstrate success.

We can upgrade your entire marketing infrastructure with CRM systems that track leads, opportunities and sales. By tracing each lead back to its source, you’ll learn what’s working and where your ROI is falling short.

Every campaign includes comprehensive follow-up plans, too. Like lead nurturing to keep you in your prospects’ line of sight. Campaign evaluation and reporting to ensure our efforts are meeting your goals. And optimization – tweaking your campaigns before the next round to deliver the best results.